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What is Wealthy Affiliate for?

What is Wealthy Affiliate for?

It is for anyone that wants to work for themselves anywhere in the world with an internet connection.  Wow!!  That being said, it is a platform for someone that has drive and determination to learn how to create and grow an online business.   And they offer the initial 10 lessons for free.  Why do they do this you may ask?  They are an honest company that says we believe in what we can provide you so give it a try.  If you like it, continue on with us and we will teach, host and support you in your online business.

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Foundation of a Blog

Plan Your Website Structure

The Foundation of a Blog is the process of organizing your site.  When you plan your website structure you are able to proceed in logical steps with your website content.   This will allow you to easily execute additional posts or pages that expand your site while maintaining it as it continues to grow.

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What is Page Optimization?

What is Page Optimization?

To answer this question – What is Page Optimization?   Page Optimization is reviewing and then utilizing all of the available optimization  tools  for the best Search Engine Optimization of your site.  It is considered that there are two main kinds of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  The first is called Onpage or Onsite Optimization.  The second is called Offpage or Offsite Optimization. Continue reading What is Page Optimization?

Can You Make Money Taking Surveys Online?

Can You Make Money Taking Surveys Online

As I continue to blog about  moms earning extra money online, I wondered Can You Make Money Taking Surveys Online?  Over the past year, I have spend some time on this question.   How to go about choosing and joining the different survey sites.  I have tried over twenty different sites and want to share what I have found.

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Basic Blogging Don’ts

Basic Blogging Don’ts

When I began my first site, I started putting this list together of Basic Blogging Don’ts to help keep myself on track as I was writing.   I have since reorganized the list and put them in a more readable order.   I would like to share this how to of blogging with you.  These are just  from my own blogging experience.  Hopefully my basic blogging don’ts will help you too but again there are no specific rules just opinions.

Basic Blogging Don'ts
Basic Blogging Don’ts

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List Niche Ideas

Internet Niche Ideas

In thinking about a list of niche ideas for yourself, think of what  is current as of today, is small enough to be important in your area of interest, and is large enough to receive enough traffic to be profitable.  That’s a pretty tough balance!  It will require trial and error with some skill and some luck thrown in.  When you reach that balance though, for your greatest earning potential you should become an expert in your niche.

List of Niche Ideas for a group of people
Niche = A group of people looking for the same thing

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Tips on How to Organize Your House

Home Organizing Tips

Moms… we are so busy with taking care of our families.  I would like to share some Home Organizing Tips to help you as you are making income from home through your knowledge and support from Wealthy Affiliate.  What is Wealthy Affiliate? Read my review on this awesome product that is free to try.

It is great being able to work such a flexible schedule from home but do  you  have a neat  environment to work from.   Because you will find that if you are working in a neat and organized home, you are much more productive and have better work habits therefore you have the potential for more income.

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