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What is Wealthy Affiliate for?

What is Wealthy Affiliate for?

It is for anyone that wants to work for themselves anywhere in the world with an internet connection.  Wow!!  That being said, it is a platform for someone that has drive and determination to learn how to create and grow an online business.   And they offer the initial 10 lessons for free.  Why do they do this you may ask?  They are an honest company that says we believe in what we can provide you so give it a try.  If you like it, continue on with us and we will teach, host and support you in your online business.

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List Niche Ideas

Internet Niche Ideas

In thinking about a list of niche ideas for yourself, think of what  is current as of today, is small enough to be important in your area of interest, and is large enough to receive enough traffic to be profitable.  That’s a pretty tough balance!  It will require trial and error with some skill and some luck thrown in.  When you reach that balance though, for your greatest earning potential you should become an expert in your niche.

List of Niche Ideas for a group of people
Niche = A group of people looking for the same thing

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