What is an Internet Entrepreneur?

What is an Internet Entrepreneur?

The answer to What is an Internet Entrepreneur? can be made in this simple broad statement.  It is a person who owns  an internet business to make money online.

What is an Internet Entrepreneur

A great internet entrepreneur is one that has done their research on their niche whether it is a product, a service, a how to  (since over 90% of users are online looking for information),  or all of the above. They also come up with a business model to monetize this niche into a business therefore they become an Internet Entrepreneur.

Why become an Internet Entrepreneur?

If you have decided that you want to  have your own business and work for yourself, why should you consider becoming an Internet Entrepreneur instead of a Business Entrepreneur?

With a Storefront Business…

Stress of Store Front Business

In opening up a store front business, you need to consider the upfront costs and risks involved.

  • You may need to fork up a sizable amount of money just to open the doors.
  • You will need to travel to your place of business especially often during the start up phase.
  • You may need to hire employees and if so deal with Human Resource issues like payroll taxes and benefits.
  • You will need to think of all of the expenses revolving around a store front (insurance, utilities, security, taxes, inventory, etc.).
  • Your stress and problems have only just began.

With an Online Business…

Stressfree Online Busines

Life can be simpler especially if you only start at this business part time while you are busy taking care of your family or even working at another part time job.  Her are some benefits:

  • It is open 24/7.  So you won’t lose business even if you are sleeping.
  • You can work from the comfort of your own home.
  • Part of the business can run on auto pilot allowing you time for other things.
  • Less stress because you can work when you want to.
  • Little to no upfront costs.
  • You can add and change things as you go based on the success of your business.

If you decide to pursue becoming an Internet Entrepreneur….

What Steps Should You Take

Steps to Becoming an Internet Entrepreneur

  • You will Need a Web Host and CMS (Content Management System).  Through Wealthy Affiliate Premium, you will have
    • Full 24/7 hosting of unlimited websites
    • Unlimited business emails
    • Incredible amount of training to help you with your business
    • A community of supportJoin Wealthy Affiliate
  • Make a Business Plan.  By putting together a Business Plan whether it is jotted down on  paper or in a computer program, this is the first step to thinking out your new business.  Think of it as a road map to the success of your business.  List out your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and your Threats for your business. Remember it is a start, so as you learn and grow it will change with you. It is wise to keep it updated.
    My Business Plan
  • Tools you may need for  your website. Once you decide if you are selling a product or a service, considering adding tools to your site to help your visitors make purchases.  This may be a  shopping cart plugin, customer survey  or other tools to help you track your sells and customer satisfaction.Shoppin Cart Plugin
  • Traffic – Traffic is important to your site.  Use good related niche keywords as you are writing your content  to gain this traffic. It is so much easier if you use a keyword tool to help you.  Wealthy Affiliate has a free keyword tool or check out Jaaxy.com for a great keyword tool that I use.
    Jaaxy.com Keyword Tool
  • Social Media and Advertising – Think about how your customers will find you.  Use your social media contacts to share your website with others and depending on your business you may want to consider local or event advertising according to your niche.
    Use Social Media
  • Understand your Cost Structure – Create a spreadsheet or use a software program to capture your expenses and your revenue.  Try to be very conservative with your spending until your business gets off the ground.

What it will take to earn Money

Your Road to Success!

  • First and foremost hard work.  This is not a get rich quick road.
  • Drive and determination even when you are frustrated.
  • Write quality content about your niche as often as you can.
  • Answer email and respond to comments every day.
  • A community that supports you in your business endeavor and is not your competition.
  • Time and then more time to let the process happen.  Don’t give up!
  • Be Organized from day one.
  • Create a Layout Map of your site.
  • Avoid sending out Spam email.  You are a professional.

Don’t get side tracked by these Schemes

  • Any Get Rich Quick Programs.  No such thing as instant success.
  • Pay Money and your money will double or triple schemes.
  • Get Paid to read emails.  This is not a business and you will not makeWith Get Rich Schemes you will not make money! money at it.
  • Schemes for “I’m telling you my secret to easily make money”.  Then they ask for money to share their secret.
  • Buy my book for only $___   and I will tell you how I am a Millionaire and you can be too.  Really?  Stay away from these books.
  • Etc. on the schemes.  Too many to mention.

I hope you have enjoyed my post on What is an Internet Entrepreneur?  Please leave any comments below.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Your breakfast can be your foundation to the whole day; so just like everything else, starting with an undesirable
    foundation, the structure will not be that great.
    The same goes for having a great foundation when you start a web site.

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